GGWeb LLC is founded in 2013 as a web design and hosting company, and changed its name officially to GoGlobal Web Hosting and Consulting LLC (or “GoGlobal Web” in short) in 2022.

GoGlobal Web is operated by a small team, but also has access to a network of web designers, logo designers, web application developers, web maintenance associates, website content developers, SEO and Web marketing experts and server administrators.

Even though our main focus is Web Hosting, we also provide web design services for our clients through our network of subcontractors. We offer free consultation sessions for each new client, which helps us understand their needs, and allows us to guide them in their website ownership process.

We provide them all the information they need regarding their web project, and help them in their domain, hosting, web design, website maintenance and web marketing needs. The amount of technical information a client should be aware of can be overwhelming, and that is where we come in, and remove all the stress from the process. We assign the right person for the client’s project, and become the liaison between the client and the providers.

But of course our main focus is providing managed and unmanaged hosting services on our web servers, and we offer a personalized web hosting experience. Our clients do not have to deal with the impersonal nature of the support networks of large hosting companies.

We specialize in clients who are new to website ownership, but many others can also benefit from our services.