Domain Registration

You can search and register your domain name with GGWeb Hosting and Consulting on our Digiwave page, or contact us using our contact form for help with domain selection, transfer, registration and renewal.


GGWeb Hosting and Consulting offers various hosting plans including managed or unmanaged Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server hosting. See our Hosting page for more information, or contact us for options and quote.

Website Design

GGWeb Hosting and Consulting also offers website design and development services through our subcontractors. Contact us for a free consultation.

Web Application Development

If you need a web application software developed for your website, GGWeb Hosting and Consulting will assign the right developer with the right skills to your project, and will work with you until your project is satisfactorily completed. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project.

Website Maintenance

Most websites need at least some amount of maintenance. If it is an online store, you need someone to upload and edit products and product pictures. If it is a message board, you need moderators and you need technical support for configuration changes to your website, and even if it is a brochure type static website, you may occasionally need software and plugin updates.

You may also need someone to handle your website backups if you do not have a managed hosting service, and you may occasionally need changes to your website’s content or layout. The amount of maintenance a website needs varies. While some websites need little to no maintenance, some may need significant maintenance effort.

GGWeb Hosting and Consulting offers various website maintenance plans, from “as needed” maintenance charged at an hourly rate, to fixed maintenance plans for 10 hours per month or 20 hours per month. We can also customize a maintenance plan for you, based on your website’s needs. Contact us for quote.

Website Content Development

Whether you need content for the initial development of your website, or you need new content to enrich your website or online blog, you may need help creating this content. GGWeb Hosting and Consulting works with website content creators who will write articles, perform online searches, create and edit images and videos, create logos or graphics, or any other content for your website. Content development is charged at an hourly rate. Please contact us for more information.

SEO and Web Marketing

If you need to increase the traffic to your website, or increase the ranking of your page in online searches, you may need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web Marketing services. These are various efforts to help increase the popularity of your website. Some are changes or enhancements on the design or content of your website (internal efforts), and some involve active promotion of your website on the internet, and link creation to your website from other online platforms (external efforts). There is now also a new form of web marketing called Social Media Marketing, and GGWeb Hosting and Consulting has providers in its network that offer all these services. Please take a look at our articles on our blog page on this topic, and contact us for a free consultation.

Server Administration

If your website needs a VPS or a Dedicated Server hosting plan, you will need a server administrator to configure, maintain and update your server. Our managed hosting plans include this service. Please contact us for details.