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• Monday, July 11th, 2016

web-designI have designed and operated websites for myself and the people around me since 1999. And I have been doing this for paying clients for several years. But doing this for clients is a completely different experience.

Most clients that I encountered are not educated customers when it comes to web development, and they are not sufficiently familiar with the technical aspect of their project, which is okay of course, even expected, but this creates complications, and its own problems in communicating with the client regarding their project.

One important piece of information I want my clients to be aware of is the difference between website design an web application development. Many people who are not familiar enough with the technial aspect of this field feels they are one and the same thing. They see intelligence built into many websites they use on the web, such as online games, mortage calculators, shopping carts, etc, and they don’t usually realize that designing the layout, and the look and feel of a website is different than adding intelligence behind that website.

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• Monday, April 25th, 2016

Samples from our portfolio

Evil Eye Shop
An online store designed with wordpress with shopping cart and online payments
Improve Yourself
A blog page that also sells paid downloads. Paypal based online credit card payments.
Angora Food Market
A restaurant website with a picture gallery, food menu, online ordering and paypal based online payments
Epik Inventory and Data Consulting
A brochure type small business website with contact form, picture slider and online testimonials
A wordpress based online magazine and blog site with picture galleries and email subscription
A wordpress based online store
JC Lawn Service
A static website for a small business with a contact form and a picture slider
An IP.Board/IP.Content based online education website with member forums, online classrooms and e-commerce
Turkish Atheist
A wordpress based blog site
Dusunce Dunyasi
An sNews blog site (foreign language)
Bilim ve Din
A wordpress based blog with articles and video gallery (foreign language)
Engineering blog and freelance services site


• Monday, September 02nd, 2013

We help our clients witwizard of oz slot machines paperwritersh their hosting, web development and web marketing needs

business_websites Website ownership involves domain registration, hosting, web design and development, maintenance of an existing website, web marketing (ads and mailing lists), search engine optimization, and may also involve e-commerce, accepting payments online, etc.

Many individuals and small business owners feel overwhelmed with all the technical information they need to understand in order to have a website and maintain it.

We address this difficulty by providing consulting services on the technical aspects of website ownership. We guide our clients in finding the right hosting service, web designer, SEO expert, etc.wizard of oz slot machines paperwriters


In today’s economy, having a website is a must for any business. It is not even a question of if you should have it, it is a question of when: