VPS Hosting FeaturesVPS Hosting provides you with your own virtual private server with all the server resources dedicated to you

Unlimited Bandwidth

VPS Hosting plan provides the client with their own virtual private server with nearly unlimited bandwidth, since the server resources are completely dedicated to the client, and the bandwidth is not metered.

No Quota on Disk Space

Since this is a virtual private server, all the server resources are available for the client, which includes all the disk space available on the VPS server.

Unlimited Domains

You can host unlimited number of domains/websites on your virtual private server.

Unlimited Emails, FTP accounts, and more

Our VPS plans come with unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, and subdomains. Servers also come with root command line access via SSH.

Powerful Security Suite

Our VPS plans come with preinstalled server security software, and spam prevention software.

Managed Hosting

Our VPS plans come with automatic backups, and managed hosting. Even though the client can enjoy full access to their virtual servers on their own, normally there is no need to, since our server administrators will handle automatic backups, and most of the basic server setup and initial configuration tasks.

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