11Jul, 2016

You have a website, now what?

website buildingWebsite ownership is a long term endeavor. Once you pick a hosting service and get a website designed, you may think your job is done. But it is just starting. You will have to think about many things. The first is traffic to your website. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean it will get visited. Please read our SEO article regarding this topic.

The other is the maintenance of your website. Depending on what type of website you own, you will need a certain amount of maintenance. If yours is just a brochure type website that describes your business and provides people your contact information, it may not need much maintenance. All you need in that case is hosting and a periodic domain registration renewal.

You will need service only when you need to make a change to the website, or the content in it. Or if there is a problem with the web server and the website is down, or you need to contact the hosting provider for whatever reason. You can do this yourself, or hire someone to do this work for you as needed.

But if you have a website with slightly more sofisticated features, such as an online store, online payment processing, member registration, message boards, etc, then you will probably need some maintenance of your website, unless you want to do it yourself.

When you have an online store, you will need someone to upload new product pictures, enter descriptions, follow up with online questions, handle online sales, keep the online information up to date (whether the product is in stock for example), and various other tasks. Or you may have a website that needs to get updated constantly, such as a blog, or an online magazine. Or a website with a message board, which requires someone to handle member registrations, moderate the discussions on the discussion board, add/remove forum sections, communicate with the users, answer online questions, etc.

So, depending on what type of website you own, and what features you have on the website, you may need a certain amount of website maintenance service.

Besides, on websites with some of the features mentioned above, there is also the technical aspect of the maintenance of the website, such as backups, software upgrades, handling the changes that may become necessary when the web host updates their web server, server downtimes, attacks from hackers, spam entries to your website, dealing with malware on the internet, etc.

Unless you are technically capable of doing all this, and also have the time to spend on all this work, you will probably need to hire someone.

Most small businesses will not be able to afford hiring someone full time for this kind of work.

This is where we come in. GGWeb Hosting and Consulting also provides website maintenance services tailored to your needs. We offer various maintenance service packages depending on how many hours of maintenance per month you need, and what kind of maintenance you need.

After getting your website designed, contact us for a discussion of your maintenance needs.